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DESERT FOOD is Looking for Passionate and Enthusiastic Young Professionals to Join our Team

We are always looking for passionate interns to support our cause. This is what you gain from an internship at DESERT FOOD:



You will receive an exceptional experience of working independently, with high-responsibility, on your own projects and targets in a development context.

You will gain valuable insights into different cultures and communities and will have the chance to work with an exceptional range of different people.

You will think creatively about how to apply innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve the greatest change-making potential in arid-desert regions. 

You gain firsthand insights into what it is like to work in a foundation dedicated to sustainable development.

Are you interested? Then check out our current vacancies. We look forward to your application. Please send your CV and cover letter to

Read Testimonies of Some of our Past Employees

Philipp Fugger 

Personal Assistant of the DESERT FOOD founder, from Munich - Germany

Working as the personal assistant of the DESERT FOOD founder I had no previous experience with development work. Yet when I was asked to join the DESERT FOOD project it was a great opportunity to apply my previously attained business and entrepreneurial skills in a development context: I have to say it was very interesting yet also really challenging. I can strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to see the broader picture of what poverty, climate change and cultural obstacles in a development context really mean.


Theresa Reisch 
Business Development Intern, from Zurich - Switzerland 

Working at DESERT FOOD was a great professional experience. Passionate about sustainable development, this position was a valuable opportunity to gain on the ground project management experiences in a developing country context. I was given an exceptional amount of responsibility and independence, traveled through vast parts of Northern Kenya and met with high profile stakeholders. I thus highly recommend an internship at DESERT FOOD to any keen learner who enjoys engaging with complex climate change and development-related challenges.