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As a non-for-profit foundation we rely exclusively on the support of those who believe in us. Your support is essential to make our vision a reality: To expand upon our current pilot farm in Turkana Kenya and to then set up DESERT FOOD farms across the globe. Donate now to help us mitigate the drastic consequences of increasing desertification.

Support us in expanding upon our pilot farm in Turkana Kenya to maximise the returns as well as the thereby arising opportunities for the local community in Nariokotome Anam. 

Support us in gathering enough investment capital to launch further DESERT FOOD farms not only in Kenya but across the globe, in order to effectively mitigate the drastic consequences of desertification. 

Support us in exploring new opportunities of how to merge the DESERT FOOD cause with refugee shelters, in order to strengthen refugees self-sufficiency, provide them with work and new perspectives. 

How Your Support will Help us to Expand Upon the DESERT FOOD Pilot Farm in Turkana 

The DESERT FOOD pilot project in Turkana Kenya is the first of its kind and its establishment represented a valuable learning curve for the foundation. Most of all we have come to understand the importance of backup systems, to assure that a technological error in the reverse osmosis machine does not result in detrimental water shortages. For this purpose we are now in the process of establishing a water buffer system, as well as a spare parts inventory for the desalination plant. To realise this in due course, we rely on your support. Your donation will be essential to assure that the farmers engaged in the DESERT FOOD pilot (such as Celina interviewed in the righthand video) can achieve a steady revenue stream from the agricultural crops they  are cultivating.