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DESERT FOOD has Launched its First Pilot Project
in Turkana Kenya 

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The DESERT FOOD Foundation has launched its first pilot project in Kenya’s poorest region, Turkana County.


Turkana is particularly affected by climate change. Increasing droughts and desertification confront a largely pastoralist society with ever decreasing grasslands, extreme food and fresh water scarcity, heightened poverty, as well as increasing conflict and cattle raiding. 


The DESERT FOOD pilot farm in Nariokotome Anam provides over 10 families with employment and agricultural know-how. Their work enables a decentralised food and fresh water resource for the surrounding community of roughly 320 families, which hitherto was forced to purchase such goods from far away. As a next step, DESERT FOOD will expand the farm's market reach to increase communal returns.

Support Our Cause: Foster Inclusive Sustainable Development in the World's Most Arid and Hostile Regions

Martin Schoeller, founde of Desert Food Foundation

 DESERT FOOD Founder Martin Schoeller, CEO of Schoeller Industries: 




"The DESERT FOOD Foundation aims to green arid and semi-arid regions to mitigate the severe consequences of increasing desertification: Water and food scarcity, heightened poverty, as well as climate induce migration.


Mobilising the groundbreaking potential of desalination and solar technologies, we foster sustainable livelihood systems in regions where the climatic conditions would otherwise make this impossible. These groundbreaking innovations, combined with smart entrepreneurship, provide hope and new perspectives to those living in the world's most hostile regions. 

Through a one-off investment in such technologies, subsequent entrepreneurial guidance, as well as training programs for the local community, we establish the right framework conditions for sustainable development in desert regions. After that, the respective local communities are equipped with the necessary facilities to effectively help themselves.   


As a non-for-profit foundation we rely exclusively on the support of those who believe in us. Your support is essential to make our vision a reality: To set up DESERT FOOD farms across the globe. Donate now to help us mitigate the drastic consequences of increasing desertification."